Per Head

Besides from offering your clients the best place to wager on a wide variety of sports events, horse racing and to play more than 100 online casino games, you will receive the best per head service from our staff to increase your stats and to have a better overall control on your business operations. Access to detailed information throughout the player management and develop a personal-trust relationship with each client; check their balance, recent activity and set their credit and wagering limit.

Each player have different needs, be sure to understand everyone. Keep track of your player’s credit lines and don’t miss out a thing with the Players Payment Manager. Their balance will change every time they make a deposit, and you will rest a sure how much is still left. With Agent Exposure, you will be able to know how much you are risking play by play.

You can categorized by sports or for each player and never lose track of any number. Analyze Weekly Balances and Player Totals that will help you to know how many players were active one particular week, which days of that week, all of their wagers (no exceptions), their total winnings and loses. You will have a separate report for sports, horse racing and casino to help you maintain an organized business, besides, check your client’s entire record to determine their preferences and to plan your strategy. Our per head services has it all!

Control every little detail of every Open Bet. What it’s about, who took it, where they were taken and the time when were taken. If your players can place live bets, you will be able to follow them with the Bet Ticker, registering every incoming play by play as the action unfolds. After that, pay close attention to the Financial Report and the several financial tools at your disposal to check the weekly payments, agent’s adjustments and overall cash flow, very important to build a solid and stable business from the ground. Every details is important in our per head service!

As an agent, you will have total control of the action. Change the odds in real time however you need and set Custom Lines for your players to keep the momentum going.

To offer a professional and secure environment to your clients, you have to grow in one, and paying per head is the right next step.Start today with a free three weeks trial and then pay only $8 per week.

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